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Our unique polling services guarantee compelling insight if you want to market your products and services and get a better understanding of how you're perceived. A diverse range of organisations use Dods Research to engage with civil service, NHS and local government audiences.

We also carry out a regular MP polling service that gives you the opportunity to ask politicians the questions you want answers to. This enables you to bolster public affairs campaigns and raise awareness of your brand in Westminster.

Brexit Risk Report


Our Brexit Risk subscription service provides monthly reports that go behind the headlines to analyse the long-term political and economic implications of Brexit. Each report provides a political outlook, Brexit negotiations debrief and analysis of the economic and business implications of withdrawal from the EU.

The Political Risk reports we produce critically analyse the fundamental drivers of political risk. These reports include a high-level executive summary, political landscape analysis, regulatory, taxation and market analysis. If you want a thorough investigation of the key actors and influencers who are likely to make or break a new investment, take a look at our Stakeholder Mapping Reports.


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The NHS Leadership Academy commissioned Dods Research to provide market insight and understanding...The response was phenomenal...We certainly received the insights we required to help shape the proposed new service.

Helen Stevens, Head of Communications & Engagement NHS Leadership Academy