Dods welcomes initiative to tackle “mind boggling complex” Brexit negotiations

Launched on Saturday and chaired by international negotiator Jonathan Powell and Steffen Kampeter of the German Employers Association (BDA), Brexit Exchange is an international dialogue for business which brings together advocates from all sides of the referendum debate and is neither a campaign in favour nor against Brexit.

Writing in Saturday’s Financial TimesJonathan Powell, Co-Chair of Brexit Exchange, described the negotiations as the most difficult he has seen in his lifetime, especially given the “extraordinarily weak hand” of the British position.

“The objective of any negotiation is to build trust between the two sides, not to undermine it. At the moment we are going in the other direction,” Powell stated.

Brexit Exchange is an initiative of Sans Frontières Associates and Crossing Borders Ltd, produced by Dods, and in association with Article 50 Associates and Gabara Strategies alongside several partners from across Europe.

By working collaboratively across Europe, leading industry and diplomatic figures are moving to exert significant influence on the scope, structure, conduct and conclusion of the Brexit negotiations, to safeguard jobs, maximise business growth, protect working and trading conditions and maintain prosperity.

At a series of transnational summits, beginning in London on May 18th, Brexit Exchange will identify gaps in thinking and strategy on Brexit and develop shared priorities in these vital negotiations. Communiqués from each summit will be distributed through media, to engage government ministers, the negotiators, officials and diplomats from across the UK and EU, helping to secure the best possible agreement for all parties.

Brexit Exchange has also received backing from European leaders. Steffen Kampeter, Co-Chair of Brexit Exchange and Managing Director of the German Employers Association (BDA) said:

“Brexit is about more than the future of Britain. It is about the future of Europe. About how, where and with whom we do business."

“The Single Market is an integrated European supply chain, with the U.K. currently an integral link within it. Maintaining that link is in Britain's interest and Europe's interest too,” said Kampeter.

“That's why Brexit Exchange is so important. Letting Europe's politicians hear directly from European businesses about our common concerns and shared vision for trade, employment, productivity and enterprise," said Kampeter.

In addition, Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, Prime Minister of the country holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU welcomed the new initiative, saying:

“I would like to welcome the Brexit Exchange initiative. An international dialogue with business – to inform the negotiations, protect jobs and promote enterprise - is vital and essential to securing the continued prosperity of all the citizens of Europe. I wish you well.”

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