Dods Research Manager to contribute to PRCA Review on Political Predictions

Dr. Jansev Jemal, Dods Research Manager will be making a written contribution, to the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA)’s Review into Political Predictions, having been appointed to its Advisory Panel earlier this year.

The Review of Political Predictions is focusing on issues including the “Westminster Bubble”, populism, and political campaigns, across five workstreams led by experts in each area.

Aimed at addressing trust and confidence in political predictions, the Review – led by Andy Sawford MPRCA, Managing Partner and Co-owner, Connect Communications, and former Shadow Minister, and Nick de Bois, Chairman, UK Events Industry Board, and former MP – will focus on several, distinct areas including:

  • Planning ahead in an uncertain world
  • What went wrong with academic political predictions and what might be done to improve them
  • The role of political campaigns and their effectiveness 

The PRCA will publish the compilation of findings and recommendations as a single document in the autumn. 

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