Dods Research launches new MEP and councillor polls

Enhancing the suite of cutting-edge research polls in its portfolio, Dods Research is delighted to announce the launch of two brand new polls this month. The MEP poll and Planning Committee Councillors poll will broaden the range of research tools available to clients, enabling them to gain critical insight into two arenas not previously covered by our polling services.

The MEP poll is invaluable for organisations seeking to understand the views of European parliamentarians. This has taken on even more importance given the result of the 2016 EU referendum in the UK and the role that the European Parliament will play in determining the future shape of UK-EU relations. 

Moving away from the supranational level, the Planning Committee Councillors Poll helps organisations pursuing insight into UK local government and understanding the perspectives of councillors who determine critical planning decisions

The two new polls join a range of other polling products that cater to organisations seeking new insight into the political and public sector spheres. Over the next two months these include:

  • MP poll
  • MSP poll
  • NHS poll

To enquire about any of these Dods Research polls or to purchase questions to help gain crucial insight for your organisation please contact or call +44 (0)20 7593 5500.