Dods media sets national news agenda

Our online publications underwent major changes to their design and structure at the start of the year, leading to an improvement in key performance metrics across the board. The websites also ran a number of stories that caused a stir further afield.

PoliticsHome revealed in April that Jeremy Corbyn had paid the Exchequer too much tax last year. The story, which topped Reddit’s worldwide trending articles and was picked up by several national newspapers and other outlets, led to the Labour leader highlighting his “generous donation” to the public purse at Prime Minister’s Questions that week. 

Civil Service World produced research in August showing that many of David Cameron’s special advisers – who had already benefited from enhanced redundancy packages after the change in Prime Minister and, in some cases, recognition in the honours system – had received bumper pay rises in the preceding 12 months. The story was followed up by a number of major outlets and was also featured as the main story on the BBC’s homepage.

Holyrood magazine secured an exclusive article from new Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of conference season in September, in which she said the SNP had to share some of the responsibility for the outcome of the Brexit referendum. The publication’s innovative ‘Holyrood baby’ feature also provoked a huge amount of debate and discussion on social media and in the Scottish Parliament itself

Total Politics has run a number of pieces from top bloggers covering the Labour leadership contest and EU referendum, while Brussels-based The Parliament Magazine focused on the continental angle of Brexit. Public Technology’s output has included an exclusive interview with the chief operating officer of the Government Digital Service, while Training Journal counts Apprentice winner Joseph Valente among its cover stars.

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